…perhaps this is not a homepage or even a website.  It might be a constellation of writing, material, practices, agreements and processes.   Sometimes it is a dance seen from four perspectives; cardinal points.

We think that this might open something or act as a catalyst for things to come.  Above all we hope it is an attempt towards what philosopher and dancer Erin Manning calls an ‘anarchive’.

… “The anarchive has a pull and it is a pull to immediacy. It wants to activate, to orient. Or, better said, it is always already activating, orienting. This makes it a collaborator in all takings-form. Thinking of it as the event’s anarchic share allows us underscore its role in all experience, human and more-than-human. It also allows us to place it on the register of the immanent rather than transcendant. The anarchive is not something “we” do. It is something that catches experience in the making. It is something that catches us in our own becoming.”

– Manning, Erin, WHAT THINGS DO WHEN THEY SHAPE EACH OTHER, The Way of the Anarchive, 2020, Durham and London, Duke University Press.